Relay Test

Line Diff. Relay
Transformer Diff. Relay
Distance Relay
Synchronization Check Relay
Backup Protection Relays

Earth Measurements

Grid Resistance Measurement
Step and Touch Potential
Earth Pit Resistance
Soil Resistivity Test Measurement

High Voltage Test

Insulation Resistance
Sheath Test
DC/VLF Hipot Test for HV cables
AC Hipot Test for HV Switchgear

Switchgear Test

Testing and Commissioning of High Voltage and Low Voltage Switchgear Maintenance and Trouble-shooting

Annual Maintenance

Substations Process Plants

Capacitor Bank Test

Capacitance Measurement Inductance Measurement High Voltage Test

Power Quality Analyser Test

Measuring and Analysing the Power Quality of Electrical Equipment Harmonic Analysis

CT/ VT Test

Insulation Resistance Polarity Excitation Winding Resistance Ratio Test

Power/ Distribution/ Auto Transformer/ Reactor

Electrical Tests
Tan Delta & Capacitance Measurement
Oil Sampling and Chemical Analysis

Battery System Test

Functional checks on Charger Panel
Load Test of Battery Charger
Initial Check for Battery Cells
Charging and Discharging Test for Battery Cells

Motor Test

Insulation Resistance Test
Full Voltage Test
Load Test
Motor Circuit Analysis